Six Month Switch

 Are These Thoughts on a Constant Reel Inside Your Head?

 “Why can’t I lose weight? All I think about is making the right choices and it’s exhausting?”                                 

Changing what you eat can change everything.

“When does this cycle of mental torture and eating end? How overweight and sick am I going to get?”

“Why am I SO tired all of the time? Is this what getting older feels like?”


These are questions that use to keep me up at night. What about you?


The Six Month Switch

You are going to transform your body, your story, and your relationship with food, just like I did.

The reason I developed this program was because just like you, I once felt out of control of my body, my eating habits, and my lifestyle choices. I blamed it on my genetics, my job, and all of the other circumstances I thought I had no control over. When I figured out that this was just the story I told myself to excuse my own bad habits, I got real with myself and changed my life. What happened next was magical.

I developed my signature six month program for my clients who are stuck and want the same transformative experience that I still enjoy more and more each day.

I call this program The Six Month Switch because I find it takes at least that long to shut off the old patterns and switch your metabolism and your body’s response to your new changes on like a light switch.

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Ask yourself, are you:

  • Afraid of losing control over your weight?
  • Angry with all the contrary information at there about food related to health?
  • Frustrated with fear-based eating patterns that don’t get you anywhere?
  • Feeling stuck around food choices that bore you?
  • Constantly battling sugar addictions, crave it all of the time, and feel helpless to control it?

The Six Month Switch is calling your name………….

Here are some of the Results to Expect from Your Six Month Switch Program

Focus and clarity, mood stability, enhanced mental health

Increased energy and vibrancy

Increased digestive function and metabolism

Stabilized blood sugar

Hormone balance

Weight loss and weight maintenance tools

Skills in self-evaluation for self-health

Skills in meal planning


What’s more, there is a hidden benefit to this self-investment that no one ever sees coming! More about that in a moment.

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Let me be frank, there is a major drawback to doing something like this. Engagement like this is only for a certain few. Most people pass up the opportunity to take control of their bodies and therefore their lives. Most people will read this and they stop here, because they answer the next question with a “no”.


Is this program for you? Begin by asking yourself, “Am I worth it?”

This program is hard work, requires commitment, and involves true tenacity from those inspired to make real change.  This is for people who love themselves enough to be honest with what’s not working for them and are ready for real transformation. WARNING, it all starts with food but becomes about so much more.  If you are unprepared to shed negative thought patterns, thrive on moments of clarity, and take provided opportunities for growth, this program is not for you.


Like I said, this is where most people stop.  They instead will choose to live trapped inside of bodies they feed with hate, fake food, and toxic chemicals until their health spirals out of control and they are forced to rely on intervention to get the help their bodies are asking for now. Which one are you?

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You have questions? I have answers.

If I were to guess the top 5 questions you have that is preventing you from getting started with this program today they would be:


I already know a lot about health and nutrition. Will I learn anything new?

I get this question a lot. The short answer to this question is yes. I think I know a lot too but still always submerge myself in more education, more school, and more programs from other professionals and practitioners so I can learn more. Even if I am told something I already know during these lessons, I still always learn a different perspective, am enlightened by a new view, or am refreshed on something I learned once but had forgotten.

Oftentimes I find focus on something that didn’t resonate with me the first time I learned it, but I can connect with clearly now. The bottom line is you learn something from every experience, how much you get out of this program is entirely up to you.


I already know what to do when it comes to losing weight but it’s not working. How can this program help me?

If what you know is not working than it might be time to reevaluate what you choose to believe.  Our bodies change. They change with age, diet, exposure, organ removal, babies, and wear. Dismissing opportunities keeps us in a pattern of self-limiting beliefs that impede our progress. Once we release our egos from these thought patterns, we allow ourselves the opportunity for true growth.

As for weight loss, this program is not about weight loss. A lot of people will lose weight as a side-effect from the changes they make during this program, but this is not the intention. The intention is to free yourself from diets forever, and stagnant patterns that are keeping you unhealthy. This program is about resetting your intention and making changes sustainable and long term so that you always know how to bring your body into balance no matter what.

Am I going to be forced to eat weird foods or be forced to eat like vegetarians, vegans, paleo dieters, or the like?

No. The point of this program is not to get you to eat like someone else. It is to reeducate you on emerging science, and to restructure your eating habits that serve you as a bio-individual. Everyone is different and therefore what works for you may not work for your best friend, co-worker, or spouse. We work together to find out what’s best for you and how to adapt to that without deprivation or inconveniencing those you share your life with.  You will be introduced to new foods and will be encouraged to try new things, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what is best for you.

Can I afford this?

Valuing yourself is the first step to finding success with anything.  Even if the monetary investment was three times what I charge for this program, chances are, if you value your body, you would be willing to pay the premium price because you are worth it. We all find a way to afford what we want. This program is extremely cost effective with payment structures to fit anyone’s income and a cost incentive if you decide to pay in full. If you eat out even twice a week and gave that up for the duration of this program you wouldn’t even feel the cost. You would however, notice how much money you would save from not eating out.

The cost of this program is a temporary investment that I can guarantee will pay for itself every single day for the rest of your life as long as you are right for this program.

What is the time commitment?

In a six month program you will meet with me twice a month, or every other week, via Skype for approximately one hour, each month for six months. I always try to schedule clients based on what is most convenient for them. Sometimes that can’t always be the case, but regardless, it is flexibleIf the first thing that comes to your mind is “I don’t have time for that”, than I would agree. We all make time for things we find to be priority. If your health and the future of your health is not a priority, this program is not for you.

What Happens in These Sessions?

In this program you will:

  • Get the facts on how foods really affect your body. We all know processed foods are bad but here you will get the full story and learn how to simply match up daily symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, gas, and bloating with common food choices almost everyone makes.
  • Find out what’s really in your food. Read food labels and ingredients. Ingredients are way more important than calories or fat grams. When you change your focus, you will change your body.
  • Get a refresh on sugar, protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Modern science is a gift and we know a lot more about nutrition now than we did even 10 years ago. You will learn exactly how to discriminate the good from the bad, as well as new foods and flavors that inspire you to get out of restaurants and into the kitchen.
  • Learn how to supplement your diet with key foods, superfoods, beauty foods, and herbs instead of pills and drugs.
  • Learn how to connect with your body in order to understand intuitively what’s not working for you and what you need to stay balanced.
  • Plan for sustainability. You will gain easy to implement tools for retraining yourself and your family how to make better choices in tough situations, how to never diet again, and how to meal plan. A skill set that serves you and loved ones every day and lasts a lifetime.

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Who will LOVE this program?

The Six Month Switch is for you if you are ready to achieve a higher level of consciousness and are ready to stop chasing restrictive diet programs promising results you never get. Ask yourself,

-Do you want to upgrade your food choices?

-Are you a mother who not only wants to improve yourself, but also wants to improve the health of your family?

-Are you a parent or plan to one day be a parent who feels responsible for teaching your children how to take care of themselves, teaching them the importance of cooking, and making sound food choices now and when they are grown?

-Are  you someone who knows you can be getting more out of your fitness routine by making better choices when it comes to food, kinds of food, and timing of when you eat these foods, but are confused about what’s right?

-Are you someone who knows deep down that changing your eating habits will transform your health, your body but don’t know where to start?

– Do you thrive in the face of a challenge, open to new ideas, and are inspired by creative insight?

You WILL NOT benefit from this program if

-You are looking for instant gratification and still believe the definition of the word “diet” implies something temporary and involves deprivation of some kind.

-You don’t feel personally responsible for your health, weight, or lifestyle choices and feel like no matter what you do you will never have control over these things.

-Change is hard for you and you find yourself avoiding situations that require it.

-You avoid taking direction, especially if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

-You don’t like to cook and believe you are incapable of it.

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Your Customized Curriculum

In 6 months we will work together to choose 12 of the below subjects that you find most compelling and will cover these topics in each session we spend together.



 Label Reading

Cultured Foods


Beauty Foods

Food Combining

Gluten Free

Food Energetics

Detoxing the Home

Self-Care and Cleanse


Hormone Balancing

Candida Diet

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Food 101

Ayurveda and Food 101

Self-Health Evaluation







Pantry Detox

Meal Planning

Healthy Cooking Applications 101

Super Foods



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Wait There’s More!

Your six month program comes with much more than just 12 hours of health guru training. You also will receive,


  1. A hard copy of your program! I’m going to give you a lot of information during our one-on-one time together. I email printed highlights from our sessions, shopping guides, keys, and user guides before and after each session so you can revisit this information any time you want.


  1. Once you are a client you are always a client! It doesn’t matter if we finished our program two weeks ago or 2 years ago. I am always available to you for questions, troubleshooting and guidance to get you to the next level. Follow-up appointments are offered to former and existing clients at a discounted rate.  I am here to keep you on the right track.


  1. An initial bonus session! A free health history session (making your program a total of 13 sessions) is provided at the beginning of your program to evaluate your needs.


Your Financial Investment

The cost of the program is $75 per session for six months.

If the Client selects to pay in full, then the cost shall be reduced by $100 for a total of $800.


Paying in installments

There are three payment options available:

  • 6 payments of $150
  • 4 payments of $225
  • 2 payments of $450

Upon agreement of payment you may use your paypal account to pay directly and set up a payment plan. A 2.99% tax is included when purchasing through paypal. You can also choose to pay through your own bank’s online bill pay feature or use a 3rd party direct deposit service such as Popmoney Simply log into your online bank account, provide Glow Nutrition’s name and mailing address. This information is accessible at the bottom of your program agreement and will be attached to your welcome sent to you when you register.


Terms of Registration

In the event of your absence or withdrawal, for any reason whatsoever, you remain fully responsible for the unpaid balance of the program. The Six Month Switch program is non-refundable.

When you choose to register for this program using the payment plan structure you are not obligated to set up payment until after your initial health history session. This initial session is of no charge to you when you choose to enroll in the entire 12 session program. In the event you do not honor your commitment to commence with this program after our initial health history consultation, you are fully responsible for the cost of the health history consultation of $75.


How Do You Register

Register by clicking on the link below to fill out your health history form. I also request you begin your program by starting a food journal. The more detailed the better. Please bring 4 days of your journal to your bonus health history consultation. This bonus session is scheduled first before your 12 session program begins.

This bonus session is free when you sign up for the six month program.


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In summary, for our first free bonus session we will schedule before your program begins you will need to:

  1. Submit your health history form available here
  2. Your 4 day food journal
  3. Your signed copy of your program agreement attached to this email.
  4. Your form of payment


When you change your focus, you will change your body.