Clean Cuisine

Clean Cuisine Group Coaching


What is Clean Cuisine Group Coaching All About?

Clean Cuisine is a group coaching program designed to make food education accessible from anywhere.

You get to participate in and learn about new foods and better choices on your own time.

Learn how to clean up your diet from your living room, your office, or anywhere you have an internet connection. Plus, in a group call format you get the added benefit of sharing your interactive experience with others who are learning right along with you. It is a powerful and engaging way to stay motivated and stay inspired to make positive changes.



For many years, I have slowly adopted healthy eating habits – or so I thought!  Jessica brings clean eating to a whole new level.  She expertly guides each participant to meet their individual health goals, recognizing that every body has different needs. Throughout this transformational process, Jessica reminds us to be kind to ourselves as we increase our awareness and take baby steps down the road to clean eating, (or improved health).  -Denise Bischof                                                                                                              


In this 6 module online learning experience you will learn so much about:

Food Awareness
Label Reading
Upgrading Pantry Staples
Modern Meal Planning
Traveling Clean
Eating Out
Family Friendly Upgrades

Is Clean Cuisine What You are Looking for?

Do you seek to improve your relationship with food and want to make healthier choices that positively impact those you share your life with?

Are you wanting to become not just a healthy cook but a GREAT cook?

Are you looking to organize and stream-line weekly meal planning so that each day healthy food choices are not just automatic, they are the default?

Do you own, run, or manage a progressive business offering supportive networks and outlets for employees who wish to improve their lifestyle choices?


As a teacher of integrative health and owner of a holistic healing center, Jessica’s group and individual counseling sessions are incredible.  I know Jessica personally and professionally and admire her extensive knowledge and ability to teach and inspire people on health and nutrition.  BrandyHickman1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Brandy Hickman, 2BWell



Clean Cuisine Participants Will Receive

-Small Group Nutritional Counseling Program
-Six in depth modules focusing on food and nutrition
-Email support for additional questions throughout the program.
-Glow Nutrition handouts and recipes that support this program
-Resources and opportunities from like-minded local professionals and friends of Glow Nutrition when you sign up.


How Does it Work?

Clean Cuisine participants register online to access the Clean Cuisine learning modules from anywhere at anytime as long as you have an internet connection. Modules last between 60-90 minutes.

When you sign up you also will receive pdf downloads that supplement each module. These supplements can be saved directly to your computer and printed at any time. Participants also get to interact with other participants through Clean Cuisine’s Facebook group. Here you can post questions, share recipes, and receive even more information relative to eating clean and meal planning.

What Exactly Will I Learn?

The modules in Clean Cuisine are focused on making eating clean and healthy eating sustainable and long term. You will learn a lot about how to cook like a nutritarian with cooking techniques, tweaks, and hacks that make even the simplest meal as nutrient dense and delicious as possible.

You will find out which foods need to be cooked for optimum digestion and which ones are best to consume raw. Meal planning is built right into each module but you will also gain insight on how to be more mindful when eating out, traveling, socializing, and drinking alcohol. Plus so much more!

What Benefits Do I Get From Going Though this Online Course?

Working with clients for almost ten years, the struggle I hear about the most is the one related to meal planning. Often people spend tons of money and time trying to invest in their health but still can’t seem to get organized in the category that serves them best…..meal planning.

Selecting, preparing, and being aware of the foods you choose to fuel your body with is the only way you will be able to progress to the next level of your health. Clean Cuisine nails down this piece and gives you everything you need to finally keep it in constant motion. It is a program that pays for itself every time you eat.


Are You Ready for it?

The Full Clean Cuisine Program is currently undergoing a tech-savvy transformation in order for you to be able to login and access these information packed modules at any time.

Coming very soon, is the Clean Cuisine Kickstarter course, spotlighting the the greatest piece to eating clean…….label reading and detoxing the pantry. When the Clean Cuisine Kickstarter launches the price will return to it’s original value. However, if you are patient, you can buy the Kickstarter at the abnormally low price now and when it’s ready you will be emailed every thing you need to access this course online.

Get the Presale Price for the Clean Cuisine Kickstarter Course Today and Get a Taste of What’s to Come