Clean Cuisine Kickstarter

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Clean Cuisine
is an online classroom experience that covers every aspect of organized meal planning using only clean, real, unprocessed foods. Access the tools for making real, healthy food accessible from anywhere with a wifi connection.

The Clean Cuisine Kick-starter is the first chapter of the original Clean Cuisine program sold separately. After getting fantastic feedback on my original six module Clean Cuisine program, I realized I could make it even better by offering the first and most important chapter at a discounted price. This allows you to digest the biggest bite out of cleaner eating in your own time. This chapter is still included in the full Clean Cuisine version.

The Clean Cuisine Kick-starter includes:

Module 1

  • label reading
  • detoxing the pantry
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • unsafe foods
  • when to buy organic
  • pantry staples
  • upgrading your shopping list

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