About Me

I am one of only 3 people in Missouri, board certified through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. I am a practicing NTP and certified member of the Nutritional Therapy Association, and a 2010 graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My education in nutrition began with the AFPA in 2008. I am also board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

I have personally studied under master healer and health guru Andrea Beaman, who emphasizes intuitive concepts in all areas of the body. Personal interests have led me to study all of the major dietary theories with concentrations in Ayurvedic traditions, Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbalism. I draw on over a decade of multifaceted education.

Who do I work with?

Proactive women and men. Women tend to seek me out more often. Particularly women who are really looking to dial in their food to make everything else they are doing work even better. Many are fitness minded but might struggle with that last 10 pounds, meal planning, or who simply aspire to become a more positive influence on their children.

I also work with a lot of women and men learning to live with a disease. Health events are often the catalyst for modifying lifestyle. People find me when they are ready to explore a more natural mindset or when they are ready to address damaging food relationships but aren’t sure how to start. 

Because of my own battle with hormone imbalance, I tend to attract many women struggling with these challenges also. I have quite a bit of experience strategizing hormonal balance for suffers of PCOS, menopause, adrenal burnout, etc.

 A diverse range of services that utilize my expertise include:

• One-on-one counseling

• Seminars and Workshops

• Corporate Consulting

• Motivational Speaking

Chances are if you are reading this, we have a lot in common.

Once upon a time I truly needed someone to guide my health. I struggled with far reaching symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) since my teens. I didn’t have the tools or even the awareness to confront this issue until my mid-twenties. There is a lot more information about PCOS today, but at the time I couldn’t find anyone to help me understand what was happening in my body.

In the beginning I was so frustrated. Instead of awareness and education on destructive dietary habits, I was offered drugs to treat symptoms and endless amounts of conflicting information. It motivated me to take matters into my own hands and I went back to school to learn about nutrition. The more I applied what I was learning, the more my symptoms began to fade. My eyes began to open. As I continued to gain more insight it became increasingly obvious how much the information I was gaining applied to so many lifestyle diseases.

I am deeply connected to what I do. My goal is to be the person I was looking for as a young woman struggling to understand my body. As a BCHN™ and NTP I do not diagnose, treat or cure disease. I cannot do the work for you. But I will help you find what you are looking for and be the support you need to thrive.

I want to share everything I have learned with you! It will change your life just like it changed it mine. That is my guarantee to you.


Jessica Idleman, BCHN™, NTP